Projected sea level rise in Southeast Florida ...
... Over time
(in inches)
... with warming
(in feet)
... will inundate Trump Mar-a-Lago Club
As the planet warms, here’s how rising sea levels are likely to affect Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., one of the country’s most vulnerable places to rising seas, according to Climate Central, a nonprofit research group.
+3 inches*
Scientists say seas have already risen by 3 inches since 1992.
early to mid 50s**
Increase of 0.9˚F
+2.4 feet
Scientists expect seas could rise by 2.4 feet by the middle of the century, which would cause significant flooding at high tides.
Around 2100**
Increase of 1.8˚F
+7.0 feet
By 2100, climate models suggest seas could rise by nearly 7 feet, which would inundate most of Mar-a-Lago, and make it difficult for Palm Beach to remain habitable.
After 2100**
Increase of 2.7˚F
+9.4 feet
A global rise in temperature of almost 3˚F would leave only the highest elevations of the Mar-a-Lago Club above water.
After 2100**
Increase of 3.6˚F
+15.0 feet
The 2015 climate treaty signed in Paris seeks to keep temperatures from rising higher than 2 degrees celsius. Higher temperatures would have a major impact on life on the planet.
After 2100**
Increase of 4.5˚F
+18.0 feet
An increase of 4.5˚F would raise sea levels 18 feet above today’s current levels, inundating the Mar-a-Lago estate completely.
* Since 1992
** Approximately

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James Abundis, David Abel / Globe Staff