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Why are these housing markets so hot? Homeowners and house hunters explain

Searching in Lynn, Medford, Belmont, and Wellesley, and why Everett, Somerville, Lexington, and Cambridge are beloved by their residents.

Everett Square on Broadway.
Craig F. Walker/ globe staff
Everett Square on Broadway.


Want a place in these towns? Better move fast. A look at communities with the fewest average days on market before a sale:


Single-family: 26 days

Condo: 25 days


Single-family: 33 days


Condo: 27 days


Single-family: 33 days

Condo: 38 days


Single-family: 36 days

Condo: 37 days



Single-family: 37 days

Condo: 35 days


Single-family: 42 days

Condo: 33 days

— Source: Data from Massachusetts Association of Realtors


. . . IN LYNN

Johnny Loreti, 28, personal trainer, and Loren Pete, 25, laboratory logistics employee—Rebecca Szkutak
Rebecca Szkutak
Loren Pete, 25, laboratory logistics employee, and Johnny Loreti, 28, personal trainer.

Johnny: “[What brings us to Lynn] is probably the price, value, affordability, and space.”


Loren: “We are currently renting in Back Bay, and we need more space.”

Johnny: “We’ve broadened from potentially a condo in East Boston. I’d rather drive farther to have a single-family home and have more space and a yard.”

Loren: “We have two dogs.”


Subayu Mandal, 38, banking employee —Rebecca Szkutak
Rebecca Szkutak
Subayu Mandal, 38, banking employee.

“We live in Melrose now, and we can walk into the downtown. . . . Medford’s a little tough. Last week we put in an offer over asking price, and it didn’t get accepted.”

Wesley Beougher, 27, biotech sales manager —Rebecca Szkutak
Rebecca Szkutak
Wesley Beougher, 27, biotech sales manager.

“[What brings me to Medford] is probably the distance to the city. I want to live in a house instead of a town house-type condo. And price. . . . it’s a seller’s market. There isn’t too much [for sale] currently.”

“We are living in Somerville right now, and we need somewhere more suburby. We are having a baby in August. [The market] has really competitive prices and really isn’t what I expected.” — Carolyn Jin, 29, biopharmacy professional


Shumyla Saeed, 40, pediatricianby Molly Williams
Molly Williams
Shumyla Saeed, 40, pediatrician.

“We worry about being stuck in the real estate bubble. The market has really elevated in the last two years. . . . The way the market is going, now is the right time to buy.”


Sabine Witek, 46, marketing professional, at open house in Wellesley in March (with her son)by Molly Williams
Molly Williams
Sabine Witek, 46, marketing professional (with her son).

“Before settling on Wellesley, we looked in Newton, Quincy, Milton, Medfield, and Brookline. . . . You need to be thrifty with your money to afford a home here. [You have to] be willing to make sacrifices and prioritize for the things that are important to you.”

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“I think it’s a great opportunity to have all of Boston at your doorstep and have a little more breathing room. . . . I would love to see more young people move into town.”

— Robert Burns, 32, cofounder of Night Shift Brewing, Everett

“I love the people. The city is very welcoming to the arts. . . . I’m very happy for the direction that Everett is leaning toward.”

— Alvin Colon, 35, art director of Paris Street Gallery, Everett

“I feel very proud of the relationship that the schools and the library have. I think the community really comes together. The schools are phenomenal.”

— Patricia Ells, 65, acting children’s librarian at Parlin Memorial Library, Everett


“It’s a big area but a small community. You see somebody you know everywhere you go. . . . I’ve lived here for 63 years, in the same house I grew up in. I’ve seen the town change and grow a lot.”

— Jimmy Del Ponte, 63, City of Somerville’s youth arts coordinator

“I love my town because there are lots of small businesses and everyone is really friendly.”

— Stephanie Kirkpatrick, 28, teacher at O2 Yoga, Somerville


“. . . of its history and civic engagement. We are the birthplace of American history. We are proud of the legacy we have created by standing up for what we believe in.”

— Trisha Perez Kennealy, 46, owner and general manager of The Inn at Hastings Park, Lexington

“There are many cultural events that take place and many ethnic restaurants in town. . . . There’s something for everyone here.”

— Frank Sarno, 70, owner of Crickets Flowers & Gifts, Lexington

“There are a lot of chances for children to have amazing educational opportunities, but there are also a lot of extracurricular activities, like in the arts, to provide a nice balance.”

— Cristina Burwell, 52, director of Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington


“It really feels like a community. we share many values, we care for . . . and support each other, and have a spirit of cultural and intellectual curiosity.”

— David Sandberg, 57, co-owner of Porter Square Books, Cambridge

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