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Alan Wirzbicki

Alan Wirzbicki has worked at the Globe in various capacities since 2004, including Washington correspondent, political reporter, and senior editorial writer. He lives in Jamaica Plain.

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To fight climate change, environmentalists say yes to nuclear power


The Union of Concerned Scientists, the venerable Cambridge environmental group, outlines a hard truth in a new report on the need for nuclear power plants.


Rosenstein saga highlights need for Mueller bill


Monday’s theatrics served as an urgent reminder that Mueller’s investigation rests on a fragile foundation that Congress needs to reinforce.

Opinion | Alan Wirzbicki

When I didn’t cut the mustard with John McCain

By Alan Wirzbicki ,

Ask McCain stupid questions and he’d tell you so — but only because what he really wanted was for you to ask better ones.

Ideas | Alan Wirzbicki

Dying arts can be saved — but is it worth it?

By Alan Wirzbicki , Globe Staff

Cinema buffs love 70-millimeter film, which made “2001” beautiful, but staying authentic is really hard.