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Alan Wirzbicki

Alan Wirzbicki has worked at the Globe in various capacities since 2004, including Washington correspondent, political reporter, and senior editorial writer. He lives in Jamaica Plain.

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Alan Wirzbicki

Twitter should disable Donald Trump’s account

By Alan Wirzbicki , Globe Staff

Twitter is complicit in President Trump’s irresponsible and dangerous use of the platform.

Opinion | Alan Wirzbicki

A modest proposal for Boston on housing

By Alan Wirzbicki ,

If Boston voters approve the Community Preservation Act in November, here’s a modest proposal for the cash: Give it to the suburbs.


Brockton casino license should come with conditions


The gaming commission should insist on improvements before granting casino license.

Firm picks political ads that stand out even amid $733m barrage

By Alan Wirzbicki , Globe Staff

Both sides this year have raised more than $1 billion, which they have spent on hundreds of ads, some of which have been contributions to the art form.