Adam Vaccaro

Adam Vaccaro covers transportation, infrastructure, and commuter issues for the Globe. Adam commutes mostly by bike and subway, though he shares a car with his wife. A native of Massachusetts, he has previously written for, Inc. magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

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Critics say more must be done to deter impostors and perpetrators of sexual assault in ride-hail business

By , Globe Staff

The case of a man charged in Boston with kidnapping and raping an Uber customer highlights that ride-hailing is vulnerable to imposter drivers, and sexual assailants have shown they can exploit the system.

MBTA hopes to expand bus garages — a first step toward more frequent service

By , Globe Staff

One of the most pressing issues facing MBTA riders is taking place somewhere they’ll probably never visit: at nine decrepit, over-crowded bus garages.

Starts & Stops

State Street’s dreary pedestrian conditions could get a big upgrade

By , Globe Staff

Plus: Weekend shutdowns on the Orange Line are coming back.

The wild idea of making MBTA buses free is gaining traction

By , Globe Staff

The idea has been bandied in small circles of transportation advocates for years. But it’s since gained much wider discussion in the aftermath of last year’s MBTA fare hike.