Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer at the Boston Globe. She aims to capture the zeitgeist of modern culture by writing on the intersection of technology, the economy, sports and politics with everyday life. Her on-air commentaries run on public radio’s popular Marketplace program and she appears regularly on local radio and TV. She has written two books.

Latest stories

When this wax museum opened in Boston, it was hard not to wonder: ‘Why?’

By , Globe Staff

They’re dated, sure, but wax museums play an important societal role: They allow us to feel superior to something.

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Markle’s relatives have gone so nutty in so many ways you almost have to admire their creativity.

These helicopter parents are 90. Their kids? 65

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A growing number of middle-aged folks have at least one living parent.

In Boston’s ultra-luxury condo market, what does $63,000 buy? A marble sink top — for the bathroom

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Even more than the views — which are heartbreakingly fabulous, don’t get me wrong — what today’s luxury developers are selling is lifestyle.