Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer at the Boston Globe. She aims to capture the zeitgeist of modern culture by writing on the intersection of technology, the economy, sports and politics with everyday life. Her on-air commentaries run on public radio’s popular Marketplace program and she appears regularly on local radio and TV. She has written two books.

Latest stories

Boston traffic: the only predictable thing is that it’s unpredictable

By , Globe Staff

Got to be there on time? Better allow for a truck roll-over or a massive jam in the tunnel.

Second-hand beep rage? It’s a thing

By , Globe Staff

As our machines, appliances, and even vehicles get ever chattier — who’s in charge here, us or them? — we’re quietly going bonkers. With an emphasis on quiet.

‘Don’t bark in the elevator’: Urban dogs learn new rules

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In some Boston neighborhoods, good luck finding a condo or apartment that’s not dog-friendly.

The new casino in Everett dominates the skyline. Not everyone’s a fan

By , Globe Staff

Even as the state tries to decide whether Wynn Resorts can keep its $2.6 billion casino, the building itself stands out.