Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer at the Boston Globe. She aims to capture the zeitgeist of modern culture by writing on the intersection of technology, the economy, sports and politics with everyday life. Her on-air commentaries run on public radio’s popular Marketplace program and she appears regularly on local radio and TV. She has written two books.

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Is now a good time to get pregnant? As the pandemic rages, many are saying ‘no’

By , Globe Staff

When the pandemic hit and everyone was sent home, people began joking about a baby boom. But half a year into this thing, with no end in sight, no one is in a jokey mood, and a significant percentage of would-be parents are deciding they don’t want to bring a new soul into this mess.

Dear family members-turned-office mates: Please read the updated HR handbook

By , Globe Staff

It’s looking ever more certain that we’ll all be working from home, and going to college and kindergarten from here, and eating every meal onsite, and vacationing and exercising in place, too, until Q1 2021 at least.

Meet the six other people who will be deciding if you can get a haircut. Welcome to life in a quarantine bubble

By , Globe Staff

When the stay-at-home advisories hit, some singles and families decided they didn’t want to ride it out alone and formed bubbles, pods, or “quaran-teams.” Now that society is reopening, how will they handle things?

Add another ingredient to restaurants’ woes: mask hostility

By , Globe Staff

When historians try to capture life in the pandemic, perhaps one of the hardest things for future generations to grasp will be the mask wars, in many cases playing out in places where we go for a respite, or try to — ice cream shops, little farm stores, restaurant patios.