Kenneth Singletary

Kenneth Singletary has held a number of roles at newspapers in the United States and overseas, including editor, reporter, web producer, and videographer. He’s interested in any number of things, and the way journalism is changing fascinates him.

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Amy Schumer’s opening monologue on ‘SNL’ was all about things that women know

By , Globe Staff

Amy Schumer poked fun at her experience as a woman, and many women in the “Saturday Night Live” audience laughed along knowingly.

Was Monica Lewinsky uninvited from an event because Bill Clinton would be there?

By , Globe Staff

Monica Lewinsky sent a tweet that suggested that she had been invited — and then uninvited — because the former president would attend.

Parkland students say they’ll keep working on gun-control efforts

By , Globe Staff

Students from Parkland, Fla., who helped to organize the March for our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday said their efforts aren’t finished.

Tom Brady shows Stephen Colbert that he still remembers how to drink a beer

By , Globe Staff

Stephen Colbert challenged Tom Brady to chug a beer, and the Patriots quarterback met that prospect with a smile.