Kenneth Singletary

Kenneth Singletary has held a number of roles at newspapers in the United States and overseas, including editor, reporter, web producer, and videographer. He’s interested in any number of things, and the way journalism is changing fascinates him.

Latest stories

Trump criticizes Mitt Romney in new tweets

By , Globe Staff

President Trump took aim at Senator Mitt Romney on Saturday morning amid the ongoing Democratic impeachment inquiry and Romney’s criticisms of Trump.

Trump says he was joking when he said he was the ‘chosen one’

By , Globe Staff

President Trump said he was kidding with his “chosen one” remark, and he sent two tweets Saturday to try to set the record straight.

Pence thanks Baker after visit to Nantucket — but vice president can’t keep up with Lance Armstrong

By , Globe Staff

Governor Charlie Baker greeted Vice President Mike Pence at the Nantucket airport Saturday. The vice president was on the island to attend a fund-raiser, and he had time for a bike ride — as did Lance Armstrong.

In a dramatic close call, a big shark grabs a fish and surprises boaters in Cape Cod Bay

By and , Globe Staff

The shark launched itself at a fish mere feet behind a boat, giving the people on board a sudden scare.