Jenna Russell

A contributor to award-winning Globe projects including “68 Blocks: Life, Death, Hope,” based on a year of reporting in a Boston neighborhood, Jenna Russell is a co-author of two Globe books: “Last Lion,” a biography of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and “Long Mile Home,” about the Boston Marathon bombing. As a member of the Spotlight investigative team, she helped expose failures of the state’s mental health care system, work that was recognized as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2017.

Latest stories

Neighboring schools, worlds apart

By and , Globe Staff

The opportunity gap in our public schools is vast, a fact made plain in two schools, nearly neighbors but in different worlds. For those on the short end, the road up is made more difficult. The question is: Why?

‘I’ve never seen anybody like me’: Childhood burn survivors embrace their scars at summer camp

By , Globe Staff

Kelsey Pandiani had been a child with verve and confidence. But after she was severely burned in an accident at 7 years old, she had to stay indoors at recess, avoid the sun. She felt alone. One week at a summer camp for childhood burn survivors changed that.

Six years after Sandy Hook, traumatic grief still grips Newtown every day

By , Globe Staff

In Newtown, the persistence of traumatic grief is a reality woven into the fabric of everyday life. That reality engulfed the town again last week, with the devastating news that Dr. Jeremy Richman, whose daughter was killed at Sandy Hook, had died by suicide.

‘I’m a shell of who I used to be.’ A female prison guard’s tale of torment

By , Globe Staff

First she was assaulted by her husband, then bullied by colleagues at work. A female prison guard found that the system put her on trial, not her tormentors.