Andy Rosen

Like cod, whales, and trees of eras past, ideas are the sustaining natural resource of our region’s economy today. Venture capital investors supply the money that helps some ideas become reality. Andy covers the intersection of money and innovation to uncover the most promising, interesting, disruptive ideas coming out of startup companies, universities, and incubators/accelerators; tells the stories of how their creators got where they are and where they want to go; and explains who is providing the money, how they come to their choices, and where they are looking for the next big thing.

Andy has worked at the Globe since 2014, and has also worked as a producer for and been a breaking news and general assignment reporter and editor for the Metro section. He came to the Globe from The Baltimore Sun, where he was crime and courts editor. Andy grew up in Haverhill and graduated from UMass Amherst.

Latest stories

Boston company says agriculture might hold one solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

By , Globe Staff

Indigo Agriculture is planning to pay farmers to capture carbon in their soil through regenerative farming practices.

Landlords reject undergrad applicants, and it’s all perfectly legal

By , Globe Staff

“Oh, you’re a student,” they’d tell her. “Sorry. We don’t do students.” |

Should gamblers see athletes’ heart rates during games?

By , Globe Staff

As Massachusetts considers whether to legalize sports betting, athletes fear that their biometric data could become a commodity.

IKEA will start selling Ori’s robotic furniture next year

By , Globe Staff

IKEA said it will launch the collaboration in Hong Kong and Japan with an integration called ROGNAN.