Matt Rocheleau

Matt covers “things that work,” stories about efforts locally and beyond that have succeeded, or hold great promise, in improving government, business, policy, and other aspects of life. He first wrote for the Globe in 2009, as a student reporter in the newspaper’s co-op program. After graduating from UMass Amherst a year later, he returned to the Globe and has worked here ever since, reporting primarily on data-driven stories, city neighborhoods, transportation, business, and higher education.

Latest stories

Boston police union contracts expire today. What’s next?

By , Globe Staff

The next contract will be closely scrutinized amid nationwide protests demanding an overhaul of law enforcement practices.

When it comes to Boston Police reforms, unions are often the sticking point

By and , Globe Staff

When pressure builds for change, public safety unions have long used collective bargaining and state arbitration to delay, water down, or leverage new policies to gain pay hikes and other benefits.

Boston police spent more than $200,000 on ‘militarized’ equipment during first five months of this year

By and , Globe Staff

The documents covered a wide array of police operations, from weapons used by the SWAT team to 10 years of data on internal affairs investigations and where officers have executed search warrants.

Amid defunding debate, Boston police payroll surges. Dozens of officers earn more than $300K a year

By and , Globe Staff

“These kinds of salaries aren’t new, and they keep happening, over and over and over again," said City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo. “Overtime isn’t supposed to be a normal thing."