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Jaclyn Reiss reports on and edits breaking news with a digital-first focus. She has been with the Globe since graduating from BU in 2011, working as a community and metro reporter before becoming a producer and then an editor for

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Several colleges in New England now cost $70,000 — or more

By , Globe Staff

It’s well known that attending a private university in the Northeast is expensive. But the price tag has now risen above $70,000 at some schools.

Here’s what Elizabeth Swaney was like during her Harvard days, according to her mentor

By , Globe Staff

Before her simplistic half-pipe run went viral, the 33-year-old was known as a standout Harvard student with a bright personality and a determination to succeed.

Photograph shows Trump’s talking points for listening session on gun violence

By , Globe Staff

The notes included numbered questions and comments for those in attendance, including: “What would you most want me to know about your experience?” and “I hear you.”

Here’s how Sarah Sanders answered questions about Russia, Florida, and gun laws

By , Globe Staff

After a week away from the podium, the White House press secretary held her daily briefing Tuesday afternoon.