Nestor Ramos

Nestor Ramos is a columnist who writes about issues of interest and import in and around Boston. Sometimes he also writes about food.

He joined the Globe as a general assignment reporter and feature writer in 2014. A native of New Haven, Conn. and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Ramos worked as a columnist, reporter and editor in Rochester, N.Y., Sioux Falls, S.D. and Portland, Ore.

Latest stories

Nestor Ramos

A golden age of bad faith arguments emerges from Trump’s White Hole

By , Globe Staff

This week’s hole/house dispute has to be the highest expression of a terrible art form.

Nestor Ramos

Welcome to ‘Cold Waterworld’

By , Globe staff

First the blizzard. Then the flu. Now the flooding. At what point does this qualify as a plague?


Does anyone really care about presidential golf (or hypocrisy)?

By , Globe Columnist

You can’t reasonably torch President Trump for his golfing without conceding that Barack Obama was in the wrong, too.

Nestor Ramos

For the first time, Tom Tinlin is only digging himself out

By , Globe Staff

The former state highway administrator might be the only man in Massachusetts who kinda wished he had been at work Thursday.