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Ground Game

The 2020 Democratic field is unprecedented. That may not be a good thing for the party

By , Globe Staff

Beyond the challenge for television news producers tasked with fitting all the candidates’ pictures on one screen, there are significant implications for a party with a field this large.

Alabama law foreshadows 2020 abortion clash

By and , Globe Staff

The controversy over an Alabama law that outlaws nearly all abortions in the state has spilled into the Democratic presidential race, with candidates scrambling to denounce the measure.

Biden defends 1994 crime bill on final N.H. stop

By , Globe Staff

The former vice president Tuesday defended his 1994 crime bill that has since been criticized for leading to mass incarceration, particularly of African-Americans.

Biden makes first visit to N.H. as front-runner, and stops to defend himself

By and , Globe Staff

Former Vice President Joe Biden sold himself as someone who can “restore the soul” of the nation.