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Maine’s ranked-choice voting is provoking questions. Here are some answers

By , Globe Staff

Many thoughtful readers had good questions. Other thoughtful readers did not seem to understand ranked-choice voting. So let’s step back and clear a few things up.

Maine US House candidate seeks injunction to stop ranked-choice voting

By , Globe Staff

In a historic test case, US Representative Bruce Poliquin, a Maine Republican, filed a federal lawsuit hoping to stop the unconventional process called ranked-choice voting.

After years of LePage, Maine went very blue Tuesday

By , Globe Staff

No other state in the country saw such a dramatic shift in power in its capital as Maine.

Trump said Obama lost a Mass. seat in his first midterm election. Not exactly ...

By , Globe Staff

“In President Obama’s first midterm he lost six seats, including in the deep blue state of Massachusetts,” Trump said. Eh — that isn’t exactly true.