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Tiffany Ortiz pays Father’s Day tribute to ‘Big Papi’

By and , Globe Correspondent and Globe Staff

“This Fathers Day brings with it a new appreciation for life and an awareness in what truly matters,” wrote David Ortiz’s wife.

Man describes unexpected encounter with alleged Ortiz shooter

By , and , Globe Staff

Also, the 10th person implicated in the plot to kill retired Red Sox legend David Ortiz arrived at a judicial facility in Santo Domingo Saturday evening.

9 suspects indicted in shooting of David Ortiz

By , and , Globe Staff

The suspects could be held in prison for up to a year while the investigation continues, according to a spokesman for the prosecution.

Santo Domingo’s residents ‘feel embarrassed’ in the wake of Big Papi’s shooting

By and , Globe Staff

Residents in the Dominican capital can’t fathom why anyone would target a man so closely linked to “our national pride,” a community leader said.