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Christopher Muther

Christopher Muther is a travel writer and columnist for the Boston Globe, covering everything from local haunts to global destinations and travel trends. Previous to writing about travel, the University of Massachusetts graduate covered fashion and style for the G section of the Globe and served as an adjunct professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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America’s love of ancestry hits the road. Welcome to heritage tourism.

By , Globe Staff

Heritage tourism is on the rise as millions of Americans research their family trees on websites such as and analyze their DNA through companies like 23andMe.


The ancestry-fueled trip of a lifetime in London

By , Globe Staff

When a mother became obsessed with her ancestry, her son decided it was time to bring her back to the motherland. Cue the tears and the scones.

Looking back in wonder as United bids the 747 a fond farewell

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Things were very different when United launched its iconic 747 service in 1970. Here’s some eye candy.

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Air France launches fashion and entertainment brand that ‘does flying’

By , Globe Staff

It’s as if they were handed a marketing study of millennial stereotypes, shoved them all into an airplane, and sealed the door.