Sean P. Murphy

In 30 years at the Globe, Sean P. Murphy has worked as a general assignment reporter, an enterprise reporter, the federal court reporter, an investigative reporter, the casino and gambling reporter and, now, the consumer advocacy reporter. He is also a law school graduate and part-time journalism professor.

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A brief frolic outside may cost a woman her cat

By Sean P. Murphy , Globe Staff

In June, Pamela Howard adopted Muse, a blue-eyed, gray-striped, half-Siamese cat who had suffered terrible burns in a previous owner’s neglectful care.

Sean P. Murphy

Want corporations to listen? Speak up

By , Globe Staff

I wrote dozens of consumer columns in 2018. About one-third resulted in some redress for consumers. All of them, I hope, helped ordinary people push back.

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

Beware of those big travel sites offering great deals

By , Globe Staff

Jon Harrington found out the hard way that sometimes the sites rely on smaller, less reliable agencies to do the booking.

After winning island vacation in silent auction, family feels taken

By , Globe Staff

When they arrived at the Dominican resort, they were told they owed almost $10,000 more upfront for food and drink and could not check in until they paid up.