Naomi Martin

Naomi Martin covers the politics, business and societal impact of marijuana legalization. A Massachusetts native, Martin joined the Globe in 2018 from The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of a team named a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the July 7 murders of five police officers.

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Five months after opening, Brookline’s marijuana store is still one of America’s busiest — and not everyone is thrilled

By , Globe Staff

Nearly three years after voters approved legalization, New England Treatment Access is one of the few places in eastern Massachusetts where people can legally buy pot.

No eating, no drinking, and now, no marijuana before surgery, doctors say

By , Globe Staff

Cannabis consumers often need higher doses of anesthesia to become sedated and stay unconscious, which could increase the risks of complications, doctors say.

Plan to catch stoned drivers risks punishing innocent people, critics say

By , Globe Staff

In the absence of a pot “breathalyzer,” Governor Charlie Baker supports expanding a controversial program that relies largely on police observations.

Fall River mayor draws heat over granting marijuana approvals to girlfriend’s brother

By , Globe Staff

City councilors and a government watchdog group said Mayor Jasiel Correia II’s decision was improper and he should have recused himself.