Brian MacQuarrie

Brian MacQuarrie writes news features across a broad range of interests and geography, including often-forgotten stories and mysteries that connect Boston’s fascinating past with its present. MacQuarrie also reports on the opioid crisis and veterans issues.

His 30 years at the Globe have taken him across the country as a National reporter, to President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and to Afghanistan and Iraq as a front-line reporter on the war on terror. He is a graduate of Colby College and the University of Missouri.

Latest stories

One of the original Dreamers fights for DACA

By , Globe Staff

Tereza Lee. now a US citizen, grew up with a nightmare every day: the knowledge that she and her family could be discovered at any moment and sent away from the place that had become home.

In Maine, is GOP linked to flurry of anonymous attacks?

By , Globe Staff

Hyperpartisan, anonymous conservative websites have alarmed state Democrats and media observers — and some posts may already have influenced one election.

It’s still a mystery in N.H. Who won the big jackpot?

By , Globe Staff

As of Monday evening, the winner in the $560 million Powerball lottery had not claimed the prize, putting residents on high alert for any clues, gossip, or tidbits of information.

Temperatures set to plummet to potentially life-threatening lows

By , and , Globe Staff

Massachusetts residents, still recovering from a fierce snowstorm, now face another winter threat: potentially life-threatening cold with windchills of up to 40 below zero.