Brian MacQuarrie

Brian MacQuarrie writes news features across a broad range of interests and geography, including often-forgotten stories and mysteries that connect Boston’s fascinating past with its present. MacQuarrie also reports on the opioid crisis and veterans issues.

His 30 years at the Globe have taken him across the country as a National reporter, to President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and to Afghanistan and Iraq as a front-line reporter on the war on terror. He is a graduate of Colby College and the University of Missouri.

Latest stories

Racism allegations put MFA in the spotlight

By , Gal Tziperman Lotan and , Globe Staff

The museum found itself under siege as educators, politicians, and civil-rights activists assailed the reports of disturbing behavior during a Dorchester school’s field trip.

Historic town store ready for new chapter in N.H.

By , Globe Staff

Now the town is looking for someone to supply tiny Francestown with coffee, sandwiches, snacks, and 11th-hour rations for family barbecues.

Nonprofit that runs schools in Haiti rejects Kraft donation

By , Globe Staff

“The last thing I wanted was a donation from Robert Kraft,” Patrick Moynihan said last week. “I could not be silent. I had to stand up.”

A Civil War statue on Martha’s Vineyard has sparked a controversy on that island

By , Globe Staff

It’s a 19th-century monument like thousands of others in town squares and city parks throughout the North. Except for this: its iron-cast base contains a 1925 plaque that honors Confederate soldiers.