Kay Lazar

Kay Lazar is a member of the Globe’s team of strike force reporters who investigate people and events in the news to uncover the full story and hold leaders accountable for their actions. Her experience combines more than two decades of print and broadcast reporting. She previously worked as a news writer and producer at ABC and CBS radio networks.

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In crush of data and analysis, one key is missing: Who is getting tested?

By and , Globe Staff

Without the data, officials say, they are unable to fully gauge the prevalence of the virus in their community and ensure everyone has equal access to testing.

Lack of coordination in reopenings could lead to more virus spread, spillover between states

By and Felice J. Freyer , Globe Staff

"People are tired of the lockdowns and there is a pressure in opening up, but also a lot of risk," said Wendy E. Parmet, a professor of public policy and urban affairs at Northeastern University.

Disparities push coronavirus death rates higher

By and , Globe Staff

“This kind of data should be a wakeup call,” said Dr. Sandro Galea, a physician, epidemiologist, and dean of the Boston University School of Public Health.

The state has changed how it classifies coronavirus cases. It could lead to a spike in numbers.

By and , Globe Staff

Officials are now classifying as infected people who were likely stricken by the virus, but did not have the diagnosis confirmed through a laboratory test.