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Hayley Kaufman is an editor on the express desk with a focus on culture and lifestyle news.

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Why — and how — parents should help teens develop a healthy understanding of sex

By Ellen Friedrichs , The Washington Post

In a culture where abstinence-only programs have taken the place of real sex education, it is common for teens to feel shame, fear and anxiety about sexuality. And many feel they cannot turn to adults for help when they need it.

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Online, yet another thing you can’t take at face value

By Michael Andor Brodeur , Globe Correspondent

The newest most untrustworthy thing on the Internet also happens to be the very feature we once depended on to verify actual humanity on the other end of the tubes: your face.

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Modern interpretations of the Gardner masterpieces

By Kara Baskin , Globe Correspondent

Artist Giovanni DeCunto’s new exhibit, “13,” features interpretations of the stolen artwork from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Hayley Kaufman

Pretty in pink — and so many other colors — at the Oscars

By , Globe Staff

There was one hue that kept popping up at Sunday night’s Academy Awards.