Katie Johnston

Each day it becomes harder for all but the highest earners to get by in this country. Average American workers are beset by lack of opportunity and the fight for livable wages, along with nagging questions about their relevance. Will their skills remain viable in a changing economy with more automation? Will their jobs be sent overseas? Small business owners, meanwhile, face their own challenges. And the labor unions that once hovered over it all are increasingly less powerful.This beat is an exploration of those shifts, with an emphasis on what it all means for our workforce and for families trying to put food on the table.

Katie Johnston previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

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Whole Foods workers sent home for wearing Black Lives Matter masks

By , Globe Staff

Employees at the River Street store are part of a wave of workers trying to spread the Black Lives Matter message and encountering resistance from major companies that have publicly disavowed racism.

With many Berkshires arts organizations closed for the season, unemployed workers facing a grim summer

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The pandemic is shining a glaring spotlight on economic inequality in America, and perhaps nowhere is it more evident than in tourist destinations such as the Berkshires.

Four Seasons reverses course on severance pay, promises full package to laid-off workers

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The five-star hotel’s treatment of the employees sparked outrage from politicians, regular guests, and a hospitality workers’ union supporting the nonunion workers,

Four Seasons hotel fires nearly half its staff

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The move could signal more widespread terminations to come in an industry that employs many people of color.