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Jeff Jacoby

Jeff Jacoby, who has been a columnist for The Boston Globe since 1994, is a conservative writer with a national reputation.

A native of Cleveland, Jeff has degrees from George Washington University and from Boston University Law School. Before entering journalism, he (briefly) practiced law at the prominent firm of Baker & Hostetler, worked on several political campaigns in Massachusetts, and was an assistant to Dr. John Silber, the president of Boston University. In 1999, Jeff became the first recipient of the Breindel Prize, a major award for excellence in opinion journalism. In 2014, he was included in the “Forward 50,” a list of the most influential American Jews.

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Striking down the ‘millionaires tax,’ the SJC cleans up Maura Healey’s mess

By , Globe Columnist

The so-called Fair Share Amendment was a cynical ploy to get voters to do something they have repeatedly rejected in the past.

JEFF JACOBY JEFF JACOBY Brothers David Koch, left, and Charles Koch. File

Pro-immigrant Republicans, from Lincoln to the Koch brothers Amnesty for ‘Dreamers’ is in the GOP’s finest tradition

By , Globe Columnist

Influential conservative mega-donors put Republicans on notice: Make DACA permanent, or else.Influential conservative mega-donors put Republicans on notice: Make DACA permanent, or else.


Don’t break up Google — the market will sort everything out

By , Globe Columnist

Sooner or later, every Goliath is displaced by a David. That goes for Google, too. And it won’t require government intercession to make it happen.


The bad registry. And the other bad registry

By , Globe Columnist

Which is worse: the bridal registry, or the Registry of Motor Vehicles?