Bob Hohler

Bob Hohler is a sports investigative and enterprise reporter. He also covered the Red Sox and worked in the Globe’s Washington bureau. His book, “I Touch the Future: The Story of Christa McAuliffe,” details the New Hampshire teacher’s life and death aboard the space shuttle.

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In jail calls, Aaron Hernandez discussed NFL’s reliance on painkillers with former teammates

By and , Globe Staff

Recorded jail calls provide an unfiltered opportunity to hear professional football players talk openly about managing their pain.

The NFL, brain damage, and Aaron Hernandez

By The series was reported Sacha Pfeiffer, , , and editor Patricia Wen. Today’s story was written by Pfeiffer. ,

Hernandez’s most lasting legacy in football may be one of his organs: His brain. It would show why football, through history, has generated controversy.


When Aaron Hernandez became a murderer


The Patriots became the only NFL team with an active player accused in three murders. Some big warning signs were missed — or minimized.

A double life revealed through text messages

By , Globe Staff

Texts between Aaron Hernandez and his teammates and coaches show just how much he was spinning out of control.