Bob Hohler

Bob Hohler is a sports investigative and enterprise reporter. He also covered the Red Sox and worked in the Globe’s Washington bureau. His book, “I Touch the Future: The Story of Christa McAuliffe,” details the New Hampshire teacher’s life and death aboard the space shuttle.

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Wildlife defender Jeff Corwin sued in hunting ground dispute

By , Globe Staff

The Emmy-winning nature conservationist is accused of trespassing on an elderly Mass. couple’s property and chopping down woods to create a hunting ground.

Aaron Hernandez’s brain was severely afflicted by CTE

By , Globe Staff

A BU researcher offered more insight into the troubled former Patriots star’s brain, saying his severe CTE would have likely caused problems with impulse control, aggression, and emotional volatility.


Alex Cora’s hiring a groundbreaking moment for Red Sox

By , Globe Staff

Cora becomes the first minority manager in the 117 years of a team still burdened by its racial history.

Three pro wrestlers diagnosed with CTE or similar disease

By , Globe Staff

The wrestlers included Hall of Famers Mr. Fuji and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.