Zoe Greenberg

Zoe Greenberg is a general assignment reporter for The Boston Globe, which she joined in 2019. Previously she worked as a researcher at The New York Times and as an investigative reporter at Rewire News. She has covered #MeToo scandals, women’s healthcare in prison, the booming blood plasma industry, and a fiery court battle over an herbalist brew.

Latest stories

Trump’s move halts virtually all asylum cases in New England

By , Globe Staff

Federal officials stopped processing most of the cases filed in the Boston and Newark offices, affecting some 40,000 petitions for asylum.

‘Everybody wants it’: The thriving breast milk market

By , Globe Staff

The people involved often trust altruistic strangers and the advantages of a mother’s milk — any mother’s milk — over mainstream medical advice.

Despite condemnation of hate, Trump has ramped up his use of ‘invasion’ rhetoric in recent months

By and , Globe staff

Up until last October, Trump’s use of the word “invasion” to describe immigration was relatively rare. Since then, Trump has used variations on the word at least 33 times publicly.

Sun, sand, and sharks: Cape beachgoers are wary about jumping into the water

By , Globe Staff

With Sharknado-esque predators on the loose, how are vacationers supposed to chill out?