Liz Goodwin

Liz Goodwin is a political reporter in the Globe’s Washington, D.C. Bureau. Previously, she covered Congress and two presidential elections for Yahoo News. Liz grew up in Galveston, Texas and is still searching for good Tex-Mex in Washington.

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Mayor Pete and the Order of the Kong: How Buttigieg’s Harvard pals helped spur his rise in politics

By , Globe Staff

A skinny college junior who once had a bone to pick with the Democratic Party is putting forward his own vision for a liberal opposition as a presidential candidate.

Elizabeth Warren refuses Fox News town hall appearance, bucking trend of 2020 rivals

By , Globe Staff

“Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists,” Warren said of her decision.

Shifting ground on impeachment leaves Pelosi at odds with some 2020 Democrats

By and , Globe Staff

Candidates’ calls for President Trump’s impeachment, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren, may test Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to keep her party unified on Capitol Hill.

Dazzled by a big field, home-state donors are slow to support Elizabeth Warren and others

By , and , Globe staff

Many of the big donors from Warren’s Senate reelection — those who gave $1,000 or more — have yet to donate significantly to her presidential bid.