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Liz Goodwin

Liz Goodwin is the deputy bureau chief for The Boston Globe in Washington, and covers national politics. She’s written from the U.S.-Mexico border about the Trump administration’s family separation policy, from the U.K. on President Trump’s influence on the country’s nationalists, and from the campaign trail over three presidential elections. She and her colleagues won the 2020 Toner Prize for Excellence in National Political Reporting for their series on battleground states. Liz grew up in Galveston, Texas, and worked for Yahoo News and the Daily Beast in New York before joining the Globe.

Latest stories

‘They’re absolutely devastating:‘ Anti-Trump ads by Republican Lincoln Project catch Democrats’ attention

By , Globe Staff

Founded by prominent “Never Trump” Republican strategists, the Lincoln Project has launched a relentlessly negative assault on the president with rapidly created ads designed to enrage and distract him.

Trump warns his mostly white base of threat to ‘heritage’ as Confederate statues come down

By and , Globe Staff

While America begins to reckon with the racism of its history and its present, President Trump is defiantly defending the past.

‘You can’t tell people that happy days are here again when it’s 1932:' Trump’s COVID disconnect threatens his reelection

By and , Globe Staff

A few days before heading to what he confidently predicted would be a packed indoor rally in Tulsa, Okla., President Trump reassured his fans on Fox News that the coronavirus was already “fading away” even without a vaccine.

Trump faces bleak polls five months before election

By , Globe Staff

The president's performance in the nation’s twin crises this spring has pushed his approval rating under 40 percent in the latest Gallup survey. It's a perilous position for an incumbent: The two modern presidents with an approval rating below 40 percent in June of an election year lost badly.