Liz Goodwin

Liz Goodwin is a political reporter in the Globe’s Washington, D.C. Bureau. Previously, she covered Congress and two presidential elections for Yahoo News. Liz grew up in Galveston, Texas and is still searching for good Tex-Mex in Washington.

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Republicans taking grave risks in Kavanaugh case

By and Jess Bidgood , Globe Staff

Republicans are seemingly marginalizing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, a risky approach in an age of #MeToo and with midterm elections on the horizon.

Elizabeth Warren is seen as ‘front-runner.’ But is it too early?

By , Globe Staff

Democrats, who lack a clear leader after their rout in 2016, are desperate to rally around someone who can defeat the president the next time around.

Democrats spent 2 years working on a new slogan. Here’s what they came up with

By , Globe Staff

Democrats can’t seem to win in their attempts at sloganeering. Every attempt only serves as a reminder that the party lacks a clear leader and that it has trouble conveying policy in emotional terms.

Susan Collins is no maverick with GOP judicial nominees

By , Globe Staff

During her 22 years in the Senate, Susan Collins has opposed judicial nominees put forward by Republican presidents just 1.2 percent of the time.