Liz Goodwin

Liz Goodwin is a political reporter in the Globe’s Washington, D.C. Bureau. Previously, she covered Congress and two presidential elections for Yahoo News. Liz grew up in Galveston, Texas and is still searching for good Tex-Mex in Washington.

Latest stories

Moulton urges Bloomberg to back vets’ races

By , Globe Staff

Years after a chance encounter, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is helping Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts in Moulton’s political time of need.

Separations end, but foster care, shelters remain overwhelmed

By , Globe Staff

An estimated 2,300 children are flooding a system that was designed for older teens and was not ready for the special challenges of small children in a crisis.

Joe Kennedy protests Trump’s family-separation policy

By , Globe Staff

The Massachusetts congressman joined protesters in Texas Sunday, blasting President Trump and comparing those who are fleeing violence today to his own ancestors.

‘Children are being used as a tool’ in Trump’s effort to stop border crossings

By , Globe Staff

The Trump administration’s policy of splitting up families is creating a burgeoning population of dislocated and frightened children, held in makeshift detention centers near the border.