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Martin Finucane

Finucane, who has worked at the Globe for six years, previously worked in the Boston bureau of the Associated Press for 12 years.

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Get Smart

Stunning price for da Vinci has raised concerns among some art experts

By , Globe Staff

One expert said there are mixed opinions in the art history community on the painting’s authenticity.

Amid N. Korea tensions, Congress takes a close look at the president’s power to start a nuclear war

By , Globe Staff

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey said that he worried that President Trump could order a nuclear first strike and plunge the world into war.

Congress targets 2 major tax deductions taken by many here

By , Globe Staff

Mass. residents took nearly $19.5 billion in state and local property tax deductions in 2015, according to the IRS.

These 9 charts add up to a dire diagnosis for the Earth

By Globe Staff ,

Twenty-five years ago, a majority of the world’s Nobel laureates warned about the planet’s future. Since then, eight measures of planetary health have gotten worse, while progress has been made on one.