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Martin Finucane

Finucane, who has worked at the Globe for six years, previously worked in the Boston bureau of the Associated Press for 12 years.

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How far back does concern about foreign influence in the US go? All the way back

By , Globe Staff

The Founding Fathers were worried about the same things that many observers of President Trump are worried about today.

What is that mysterious mass under the huge crater on the dark side of the moon?

By , Globe Staff

A huge mass, potentially the metallic core of an asteroid that once walloped the moon, is hidden under a sprawling crater on the far side of the moon, researchers said this week.

Boston Children’s researchers look to puffer fish as source of possible replacement for opioids

By , Globe Staff

Researchers are eyeing the fish’s poison as a potential new anesthetic that could one day replace opioid pain drugs with all their flaws.

Officials urge Bruins fans to party responsibly after climactic Game 7

By , Globe Staff

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and top police officials urged Boston Bruins fans to be responsible, whether in celebration or commiseration, after Game 7 at the TD Garden Wednesday night.