Deirdre Fernandes

Covers the steep price students pay to earn a degree and the money behind the region’s education economy. Since joining the Globe in 2011, Fernandes has covered insurance, banking, and the economy, writing about how changes in the industry are altering the consumer experience. She previously worked for The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia and papers in North Carolina, before returning to Massachusetts. She grew up in Sudbury.

Latest stories

Needy students squeezed at UMass Amherst

By , Globe Staff

The state’s flagship university is moving out of reach for the best and brightest if they don’t have a big enough bank account.

You got into college. Congratulations! Here’s the bill

By , Globe Staff

High school seniors have until May 1 to weigh the costs versus the benefits of the colleges where they’ve been accepted.

Why is the government investigating early decision at elite colleges?

By , Globe Staff

The investigation has ensnared several New England colleges and left experts befuddled about what message the Trump administration is sending.

Want to know how to get into Harvard? Court may allow some admissions documents to be open to the public

By , Globe Staff

If there’s a Holy Grail in higher education, this might be it: Thousands of documents that lay bare the inner-workings of Harvard University’s admissions process.