Assistant News Editor

Marcia Dick

Marcia Dick grew up in Malden and when she was a kid, would fight her dad over who got to read the Globe sports section. She got her first journalism job straight out of college at her hometown paper, where she learned the business. After a brief stop in Tampa, she came to the Globe in 1988.

Marcia believes being a native of the North Shore helps her understand what’s important to our audience: Stories that reflect quality of life such as development, taxes, and what beach you can get a parking space at a decent price this summer.

Latest stories

Make way for electric mountain bikes?

By Brion O’Connor , Globe Correspondent

A new generation of the pedal-assisted e-bikes is designed for off-road use — but some cycling advocates say they don’t belong on trails.

In Wakefield, a Muslim woman makes history

By Hattie Bernstein , Globe Correspondent

Mehreen Butt, a 40-year-old public policy attorney and social justice advocate, became the first Muslim-American woman in Massachusetts to be elected to a board of selectmen.

Using the Great Marsh to protect against the fury of the sea

By David Rattigan , Globe Correspondent

Environmentalists say shoring up the vast expanse of of salt marsh, barrier beach, tidal river, estuary, mud flats, and barrier islands will soften the impact of coastal storms.

There’s something strange going on here

By James Sullivan , Globe Correspondent

Celebrating art that scrambles our concept of what belongs in a museum.

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By John Laidler , Globe Correspondent

Freeze causes flood of problems north of Boston

By Linda Greenstein , Globe Correspondent

Just what we need during this frigid winter: indoor mini-golf

By Kathy Shiels Tully , Globe Correspondent

Girl Scouts are strong on their own

By Hattie Bernstein , Globe Correspondent

Inspiration for those who feel caught in the middle

By Kathy Shiels Tully , Globe Correspondent

Departure could cause scramble for mayor of Melrose

By Linda Greenstein , Globe Correspondent

More Malden students can enroll at Mystic Valley

By Sean Teehan , Globe Correspondent