Assistant News Editor

Marcia Dick

Marcia Dick grew up in Malden and when she was a kid, would fight her dad over who got to read the Globe sports section. She got her first journalism job straight out of college at my hometown paper, where she learned the business. After a brief stop in Tampa, she came to the Globe in 1988.

Marcia believes being a native of the North Shore helps her understand what’s important to our audience: Stories that reflect quality of life such as development, taxes, and what beach you can get a parking space at a decent price this summer.

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‘Foodie Crawl’ brings taste of the world to East Somerville

By Kathy Shiels Tully , Globe Correspondent

While following a trail to over 20 restaurants, you can taste the cultures from around the world: Ethiopia, Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, El Salvador, and more.


Find out what real Mexican food tastes like

By Naomi Kooker , Globe Correspondent

Chef Antonio Guerrero is known for his house-made salsas. “He’s not opening a bottle,” said Mary, emphasizing her husband’s use of fresh ingredients.


Rutstein finds the sea is his calling

By Lenny Megliola , Globe Correspondent

From selling programs outside Fenway Park to sailing “Fame” off Salem, life has been quite the ride for one tireless entrepreneur.


How do you like them apples?

By Brion O’Connor , Globe Correspondent

This fall, there’s a bumper crop at local farms for the pick your own crowd.

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