Kevin Cullen

To quote Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere, man. Worked as a local, national and foreign correspondent before becoming a columnist. Served as bureau chief in Dublin then London. Did a few stints on The Spotlight Team, and was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize in Public Service in 2003 for exposing the coverup of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests. In 2014, won the Mike Royko Award as best columnist chosen by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, part of the team awarded the Pulitzer for breaking news for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, and was Pulitzer finalist in commentary. The only two-time winner of ASNE’s Batten Medal for writing about the marginalized. Co-author of the New York Times bestseller, “Whitey Bulger,” a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. I thought Harvard had standards until they gave me a Nieman Fellowship.

Latest stories

At Whitey Bulger’s funeral, a coda: ‘It is finished’

By , and , Globe Staff

The funeral was private and confined to immediate family and a few close friends, about 30 people in all.

Medical classification change led to ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s prison transfer

By and , Globe Staff

A Bureau of Prisons official who is familiar with Bulger’s treatment said the Florida prison considered Bulger a nuisance and wanted to transfer him.

‘Whitey’ Bulger hoped to be buried next to longtime girlfriend

By and , Globe Staff

In letters the mobster penned after his capture in 2011, he made clear that he hoped to be buried with longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig.

For Christine Hallquist, a fight on many levels in Vermont

By , Globe Staff

The nation’s first transgender gubernatorial finalist is battling more than prejudice and ignorance. She’s up against the power of incumbency.