Hiawatha Bray

Bray is a technology writer for the Business section. He has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines including Wired, Fast Company and Black Enterprise. He received an Overseas Press Club award for his series on the Internet in Africa.

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Justin Trudeau boosts AI in talk at MIT

By , Globe Staff

“I’ve always been fascinated by physics and math,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told businesspeople and students at an MIT conference.

Tech Lab

The real reason the Net neutrality fight goes on

By , Globe Staff

The bill passed by the Senate Wednesday will almost certainly be defeated in the GOP-dominated House. But Congress is just one front in the fight to save the regulations.

Air Force lab takes aim at Han Solo’s record

By , Globe Staff

The US Air Force has set up a Kessel Run of its own in Boston — a new lab focusing on developing mission-critical military software in record time.

Hiawatha Bray | Tech Lab

Google may soon give you your own robo-calling assistant

By , Globe Staff

Later this year, Alphabet will roll out Google Duplex, a new technology that raises the concept of robocalling to an impressive — and slightly creepy — new plateau.