Jess Bidgood

Jess Bidgood is a national political reporter in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where she covers campaigns, Congress and how the workings of Washington (or lack thereof) influence people’s lives around the country. She previously spent seven years covering New England for the New York Times, and began her journalism career at WBUR and WGBH. She lives in Washington and misses Somerville.

Latest stories

Warren discloses past corporate legal work

By and , Globe Staff

Warren, who rails against big banks and tech companies as a populist candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination, also spent 20 years occasionally advising, representing, and serving as an expert witness for corporations.

Alabama law foreshadows 2020 abortion clash

By and , Globe Staff

The controversy over an Alabama law that outlaws nearly all abortions in the state has spilled into the Democratic presidential race, with candidates scrambling to denounce the measure.

Biden makes first visit to N.H. as front-runner, and stops to defend himself

By and , Globe Staff

Former Vice President Joe Biden sold himself as someone who can “restore the soul” of the nation.

Shifting ground on impeachment leaves Pelosi at odds with some 2020 Democrats

By and , Globe Staff

Candidates’ calls for President Trump’s impeachment, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren, may test Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to keep her party unified on Capitol Hill.