Jess Bidgood

Jess Bidgood is a national political reporter in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where she covers campaigns, Congress and how the workings of Washington (or lack thereof) influence people’s lives around the country. She previously spent seven years covering New England for the New York Times, and began her journalism career at WBUR and WGBH. She lives in Washington and misses Somerville.

Latest stories

Health care unified Democrats in 2018. Now it’s dividing them

By , Globe Staff

The issue is swiftly becoming one of the clearest dividing lines in the race for the party’s nomination in 2020.

Warren hits Wall Street, targets private equity firms for ‘legalized looting’

By , Globe Staff

Elizabeth Warren is calling for new rules to curtail the private equity industry, and changing tax rates and loopholes that aid them.

Warren raises $19.1 million in second quarter as her campaign picks up momentum

By , Globe Staff

Elizabeth Warren’s haul tripled her first quarter fund-raising and is the latest sign of her ascendance in a crowded Democratic presidential field.

Tanks and planes assemble for Fourth of July ‘Salute to America’

By , Globe Staff

President Trump’s “Salute to America” was the culmination of his long-held dream of showing off the nation’s military hardware and drew deep concern from his critics ahead of July 4.