Jess Bidgood

Jess Bidgood is a national political reporter in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where she covers campaigns, Congress and how the workings of Washington (or lack thereof) influence people’s lives around the country. She previously spent seven years covering New England for the New York Times, and began her journalism career at WBUR and WGBH. She lives in Washington and misses Somerville.

Latest stories

‘We’ve prevailed’: Trump’s claims of success against coronavirus pose political risks

By , Globe Staff

A president seemingly obsessed with winning has proclaimed success after success even as the national death toll from COVID-19 soars above 90,000 and public health officials warn cases could spike again as states reopen.

Partisan fight over new coronavirus relief could threaten the economy further

By , Globe Staff

Even as the virus’s death toll and economic damage rises, opposition to trillions of dollars in new spending is swiftly hardening on the political right.

For Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, a complex history gives way to a new alliance

By , Globe Staff

The two have a long history, which is now in the spotlight as Biden considers Warren for his running mate.

Warren calls Biden’s denial of sexual assault credible, stands by her endorsement

By , Globe Staff

The Massachusetts senator, a potential running mate for Biden, is the latest prominent Democratic woman to defend him.