Jess Bidgood

Jess Bidgood is a national political reporter in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where she covers campaigns, Congress and how the workings of Washington (or lack thereof) influence people’s lives around the country. She previously spent seven years covering New England for the New York Times, and began her journalism career at WBUR and WGBH. She lives in Washington and misses Somerville.

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Debate analysis

Warren may have benefited by allowing others to attack Biden

By , Globe Staff

For Warren, the debate was a new test at the end of a long, bright summer. The debate showed she plans to try to stay above the fray as long as she can.

Warren offers public apology over claim to tribal heritage

By , Globe Staff

Senator Elizabeth Warren apologized for her “mistakes” in her handling of claims of Native American heritage on Monday.

By and , Globe Staff

A primary challenge by the scion of the nation’s most famous political family would trigger a potentially divisive intra-party fight.

Joseph P. Kennedy III to decide soon on challenge to Senator Edward Markey

By and , Globe Staff

The representative is thinking about a primary challenge next year against Markey, a person close to Kennedy and a senior Democratic official said.