Billy Baker

Billy Baker is a reporter on the Globe’s narrative team whose stories range from the highly quirky to the heavily dramatic.

A native of South Boston, Baker is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Tulane University, and the Columbia Journalism School. In 2017, he received the Deborah Howell Award for Writing Excellence from the American Society of News Editors. He is at work on a book about friendship.

Latest stories

Qualifying for Boston can be its own marathon

By , Globe Staff

Many serious runners spend a lifetime trying to “BQ” — to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The moment when they finally pick up their race bibs can release a flood of emotions.

How to be a great fan

Marathon runners thrive on encouragement. There’s a right way to cheer them on — and a wrong way

By , Globe Staff

The crowds at the Boston Marathon are one of the many things that make it the most famous footrace in the world. Globe reporter and marathoner Billy Baker has some tips on how you can have the most impact on the course.

What’s your cat thinking? ‘Animal communicators’ talk with pets and argue with skeptics

By , Globe Staff

Animal communicators say they can enter the minds and bodies of animals to speak directly to them. Many aren’t so sure.

Adventureman finds anything but loneliness as he completes an epic long-distance run across US

By , Globe Staff

A Gloucester (UK) man finishing a cross-US run was greeted as a hero in the Massachusetts city with the same name.