Billy Baker

Billy Baker is a reporter on the Narratives Team whose stories tend to focus on people driven by a particular passion.

A native of South Boston, Baker is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Tulane University, and the Columbia Journalism School. In 2017, he received the Deborah Howell Award for Writing Excellence from the American Society of News Editors. He is at work on a book about friendship.

Latest stories

The importance of being Anthony! from the Prince Spaghetti ad

By , Globe Staff

Fifty years after he was plucked from a North End street to star in an iconic television commercial, Anthony Martignetti is still playing his role.

A captain befriends a sea gull and keeps the crackers coming

By , Globe Staff

Gloucester schooner captain Heath Ellis and Polly Five Toes have become celebrity BFFs on Cape Ann.

‘Since I got my bike, I’ve stopped playing ‘Fortnite’’

By , Globe Staff

A strange craze has swept the city’s streets, as young kids in huge packs have turned BMX cruisers — a fad of the ’80s — into the street movement of the moment.

Marshfield surf shop’s music show takes on life of its own

By , Globe Staff

It was originally a mission. Now Levitate has grown into a lifestyle and a brand, complete with its own massive festival.