Dugan Arnett

Arnett joined the Globe staff as a features writer in 2015. A native of Blue Springs, Mo., he is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Before arriving in Boston, he spent four years as a features and metro reporter at the Kansas City Star.

Latest stories

The perilous, high-stakes question of what to call the PawSox once they move

By , Globe Staff

The Worcester Mitten Kittens? The Worcester Tube Sox? The Worcester Hot Weiners? Nothing’s off the table it appears when it comes to renaming the PawSox.

Spoiled Patriots: In success-soaked Boston, has all the winning dimmed the excitement?

By , Globe Staff

You could be forgiven for wondering, in the lead-up to the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl appearance in 18 years, whether the thrill has finally begun to wear off.

Companies are plastering the Boston accent all over ads, and some locals have had enough

By , Globe Staff

On billboards and subway placards across the city, brands peddling everything from bourbon to cold medicine are dropping their r’s in the name of sales — and drawing the ire of locals.

‘Some of them are real schmucks’: A Santa shortage is leading to some questionable portrayals of St. Nick

By , Globe Staff

Among the complaints levied by veteran Santas: skinny Santas, cheap-suited Santas, Santas with crumbs on their coats or nicotine in their beards.