Dugan Arnett

Arnett joined the Globe staff as a features writer in 2015. A native of Blue Springs, Mo., he is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Before arriving in Boston, he spent four years as a features and metro reporter at the Kansas City Star.

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The rise of the Robo-umpires

By , Globe Staff

They’ve come for farmers and factory workers, operators and check-out clerks. So it was only a matter of time, perhaps, before robots came for the umpires, too.

A high-stakes gambler had VIP perks and a million in losses. But where did the cash come from?

By , Globe Staff

As a part-time bookkeeper for mom-and-pop operations near Boston, Antonis Mallios spent his workdays pushing paper and running errands. But on weekends, he played a different role: high-roller.

For decades, this Christian bookseller went by the name CBD. Then that became a problem

By , Globe Staff

Peabody-based Christian Book Distributors’ three-letter acronym — CBD — adorned its catalog covers, employee merchandise, even the company logo. Then came “the other CBD.”

With Dad’s support, one teen is playing ‘Fortnite’ instead of going to high school

By , Globe Staff

Dave Herzog took the extraordinary step of withdrawing his son from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School so that Jordan would have more time to devote to competitive gaming.