Steve Annear

Steve Annear is a reporter for A graduate of Roger Williams University, Annear previously worked at, and the Boston Metro newspaper. He is perhaps best known for unearthing “The Baby Wheel” guys, tracking down a wayward manatee that was stranded in Cape Cod waters, and explaining how a seal got into the Charles River from the harbor.

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Dash for tickets to Stephen King event in Somerville has blood-curdling ending for some

By , Globe Staff

Porter Square Books, which is hosting an October talk featuring King and his son, Joe Hill, accidentally oversold tickets to the event on its website, after it crashed.

When a hack-a-thon denied this 15-year-old’s application, he found a security flaw on their website — and was then invited to attend

By , Globe Staff

Theo Bleier of Westborough identified a discrepancy on Hack the North’s website and accessed data that a team of developers had accidentally left open and available.

Here's what the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge thinks of Lana Del Rey’s new album title

By , Globe Staff

“It caught our attention and we were definitely intrigued,” said Laurie Norton Moffatt, director and chief executive of the museum.

Salem’s oldest cemetery will be closed to visitors this Halloween

By , Globe Staff

From Sept. 28 through Nov. 3, tourists coming to Salem won’t be allowed into the historic Charter Street Cemetery. Officials are preparing for the next phase of preservation work.