David Abel

An award-winning reporter on the Globe staff since 1999, David Abel has covered war in the Balkans, unrest in Latin America, national security issues in Washington D.C., terrorism in New York and Boston, and climate change and poverty in New England.

Abel, also a documentary filmmaker and an occasional professor of journalism, was part of the team that won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News for the paper’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. He now covers the environment for the Globe.

Latest stories

On subjects from birds to pollution, state scientists are barred from speaking to the Globe

By , Globe Staff

The response reporters nearly always receive is a self-serving statement with background bullet points. Rarely do the answers address questions asked.

A flap over barn swallows raises larger concerns about a bird in decline

By , Globe Staff

The birds face eviction by those charged with protecting them — federal wildlife officials.

Fishing areas off Cape Cod reopened for lobstermen

By , Globe Staff

Within hours of a protest by local lobstermen, officials at the state Division of Marine Fisheries rescinded their decision to extend the ban on lobster traps in Cape Cod Bay.

The world’s accelerating loss of plants and animals called ‘ominous’

By , Globe Staff

A landmark United Nations report has found that plant and animal species will disappear around the world faster in the coming years, at a rate unprecedented in human history.