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    That’s not the Bill Keating I know

    In “Congressman Bill Keating is ‘not OK’ ” (Ideas, July 14), Stephen Kinzer misinterprets Representative Bill Keating’s record in Congress in a way that applies a built-in negative filter. Since Keating was first elected, he has been a consistent supporter of universal health care, increased medical research (cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.), women’s health, reversing climate change, building renewable energy resources that create more jobs and cleaner air, stopping government corruption, common-sense gun reform, equal pay, LGBTQ support, and ending human rights violations at the border. He has voted consistently against National Defense Authorizations.

    Kinzer’s quotes about Keatings’s record are out of context and misinterpret his positions. I have interacted with Keating frequently over the years on important health care issues and other progressive causes, and I don’t recognize the person Kinzer thinks he is describing.

    Kinzer is seeing what he chooses to see, rather than what’s real. Bill Keating is respected in his district.

    Deborah J. Cornwall

    Marshfield Hills