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    Anti-Trump psychiatrists suffer from TDS


    The preposterous op-ed by doctors Bandy X. Lee, Leonard Glass, and Edwin Fisher (“Looking at the Mueller report from a mental health perspective,” Opinion, May 9) had many political observers from both sides of the aisle not only laughing hysterically but shaking their heads with incredulity.

    If nothing else, the doctors’ op-ed is but the latest proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is one of the most fascinating and frightening illnesses ever to affect segments of the American populace. Left untreated, TDS has the tremendous capacity to rob its sufferers of their dignity, sanity, professional judgment, and social graces. From their continued assault on President Trump, it’s clear that the crotchety doctors are suffering from a particularly acute strain. Fortunately, there is a remedy that has proved effective in all but the most stubborn of cases. The remedy? Simple maturity, and the willingness to accept the results of a duly held election. Old-timers call it “growing up.” Those in the throes of TDS, like Lee, Leonard, and Fisher, should quickly avail themselves of this readily available elixir. Further delay is unwarranted.

    Michael J. DiStefano

    Jamestown, R.I.