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    Another look at Alabama’s draconian antiabortion law

    Women invoked “A Handmaid’s Tale” to protest the fetal heartbeat bill at the Georgia Capitol in April.

    Re “In Alabama, a public health crisis is imminent” (Ideas, May 19): Thank you to Dr. Michelle Williams for her concise summary of the consequences of the GOP’s zeal for eliminating abortion rights. As she outlines, the Republican party cares nothing about trying to improve the lives of the women affected by these draconian new laws. If they were sincere about protecting lives, these Republican politicians would invest in their citizenry through public health measures that would improve the health and welfare of disadvantaged men, women, and children rather than shredding the social safety net that protects the health of our most vulnerable. Perhaps that blatant hypocrisy is a bridge too far for the modern Republican party, explaining why today’s GOP hardly ever calls itself the “party of life” any longer.

    Edwin Andrews