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    Britain lights the way on renewable energy

    Thank you to Yvonne Abraham for her column “We need reasons to smile” (Metro, May 12). The newest member of the British royal family is a good reason for cheer. However, it was another story from the United Kingdom, noted in her column, that caught my attention — the fact that “for the first time since 1882, Britain went a full week without using electricity from a coal-fired power plant.” The UK expects to have its grid ready for zero carbon in its electricity production by 2025.

    If the United Kingdom can make the transformation to a renewable-energy grid, why can’t we? The pessimist would say, incorrectly, that the technology is too expensive. In reality, the cost of renewables is falling so rapidly that they already beat coal and nuclear-based power plants on price, and prices continue to decrease.

    So, by the time little baby Archie is in primary school, he will breathe cleaner air, and the British citizens who support his royal lifestyle will pay less for energy. Where will we be here in the United States?


    We need leadership at all levels — local, state, and federal — to recognize that the future of energy is renewable.

    Mary Memmott