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    Taking a slice out of Pence’s piety

    Vice President Mike Pence

    Pence only the latest right-winger to wield religion like a cudgel

    Renée Graham’s column “The Passion of the Pence” (Opinion, May 15) is a strike against phony Christianity. Vice President Mike Pence is only the latest right-winger to wield religion as a political cudgel. If abortion rights or gay issues are indeed religious matters, then they should not be part of political conversations. The separation of church and state has narrowed much too close for comfort.

    However, for those who are religiously inclined, think about what is happening. There was President Obama, once literally demonized on the Internet, horns and all — he who hoped to create health care access, contain the ever-changing climate, help the poor, and nurture our relations with our allies. Compare him with his counterpart, a would-be autocrat who seeks to destroy whatever health care remains; has no regard for the environment, calling the concern a Chinese hoax; caters to the ultrawealthy; lies like hell; all while destroying our friendly relationships worldwide.

    Pence and other evangelicals — millionaires Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. among them — have essentially viewed Donald Trump as chosen by God to be our president. A question for our sainted Trump followers: Would a demon from below declare itself a demon, or that it was sent from God?

    Ronald Pagliarulo


    Caustic critique takes the low road


    It is hard to tell whether your columnist Renée Graham is writing as a Christian herself or only as an observer of the American Christian scene today. I am concerned about the language she uses to describe Donald Trump and Mike Pence — “mendacious,” “depraved,” “bigotry,” “ugly rhetoric,” “lousy,” “cruel,” “craven.”

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    There is no doubt that Christian churches in this country are divided today. Division is nothing new, however.

    Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” (Luke 6:27-28). I think this would be a far better path to take than the one expounded by your columnist.

    Margaret P. Hummel


    VP’s priorities are misplaced

    Renée Graham quotes Vice President Pence as describing himself as “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” Am I to guess that being a loyal American is a distant fourth place in his value system?

    I prefer my leaders to place country over party.

    Thomas Kragh