Tilting toward war with Iran — this again?

National security adviser John Bolton.

There they go again. The same motley crew who lied us into our war in Iraq are now pushing for a war with Iran. Despite the deaths, in the Iraq war, of thousands of US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, a $2 trillion US taxpayer price tag, and no visible benefit, John Bolton and his ilk now want to repeat the colossal blunder and go to war with a country four times bigger than Iraq.

And what is the message here? Why are we “in love” with North Korea and talking about war with Iran? It’s simple. North Korea has the bomb and Iran doesn’t.

There could not be a bigger incentive to nuclearize than that.


Clearly, the Trump administration has no idea what it is getting into.

Donald Hnatowich


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In regard to the supposed new threats from Iran, the British say they don’t see cause for alarm (“Past claims on Iraq shadow US warnings against Iran,”Page A2, May 15). The new threat is coming from President Trump, starting with the appointment of the maniacal John Bolton as national security adviser. Bolton has made no secret of his determination to attack Iran.

This is the lead-up to the Iraq war all over again. Exactly what are these new threats? Will Colin Powell be dragged out again to sacrifice his good name to get us into a new war?

Trump veers from one supposed threat to the next — North Korea, Venezuela, Iran. They have a right to feel threatened. They are up against the world’s greatest military power, and Bolton.

Jacqueline Cleary

Westmoreland, N.H.