Kavanaugh has earned his pariah status at Harvard

Of course Alan Dershowitz is correct in stating that Harvard Law School should extend to the new Supreme Court justice the right to continue teaching there, if he so chooses (“Should Kavanaugh be stopped from teaching at Harvard Law School?” Opinion, Oct. 9).

Dershowitz wrongheadedly compares anti-Kavanaugh attitudes to McCarthyism, though in one big way they are similar: Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t been convicted of a crime and won’t be, yet he’s a pariah to a great number of people, and he will be — forever. If the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, he’ll be investigated, and maybe even impeached.

What Dershowitz fails to mention is that there are still a lot of discerning people admitted to Harvard Law School and teaching there, and if Justice Kavanaugh were to show up to teach classes, the revulsion would be great, as would the tumult.


Which is as it should be. I’m sure Kavanaugh is smart enough to know of this revulsion, and to stay away, whether he’s invited or not.

Lawrence Houghteling