Senator Collins has some explaining to do

The question for Collins:
What did you discuss over lunch?

Re “Susan Collins goes all in for Kavanaugh – and for Trump” (Editorial, Oct. 6): I found that many of the statements in Senator Collins’s 45-minute speech did not comport with what I heard while listening to the hearings.

The most troubling to me, because it was so far from what actually occurred at the hearings, was Collins’s statement that Brett Kavanaugh could “work to lessen the divisions in the Supreme Court.” In contrast, in Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony at the final hearing, he complained loudly that he was the victim of some conspiracy involving the Clintons and threatened that “what goes around, comes around.” It would take a great deal of imagination to think of him as a peacemaker.

The even more puzzling feature of Collins’s Friday performance was the supposed delay in making her decision until 3 p.m., after a lunch with top Republican leaders. Her lengthy speech declaring and detailing her support for Kavanaugh had to have been written days, if not a week, before the Friday lunch.


What, then, was the purpose of that lunch? Was it perhaps to discuss how the Republican leaders could reward Collins? Maybe there was mention of the possibility of a future ambassadorship, appointments to lucrative and powerful corporate boards, or an important position in the Trump administration?

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Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court votes will increasingly demonstrate that he has no intention of fulfilling any of his promises to Collins, making her reelection problematic. Maine voters will start to consider the need for a new senator.

Most likely, however, Collins has set her sights higher. And her ringing endorsement of Kavanaugh will make possible her ambitions.

Jo Anne Preston


Maine Republican cut through
the liberal hysteria

When Senator Susan Collins asked to speak at 3:00 on Friday afternoon, I thought it would be another Jeff Flake moment. But it was better than that. It was obvious that the Maine Republican took the time to research Brett Kavanaugh’s record and explained her reasons for voting for him, including no corroborative witnesses and the need for due process of law. She then detailed Kavanaugh’s opinions on a number of varied cases, showing why he may not be so threatening to liberals.

What do I hear in response from Globe editorials, op-ed writers, and other commentators? Nothing but rhetoric, no refutation of the court opinions cited, but just emotional outbursts.


I thought the Republican senators were very considerate of Christine Blasey Ford and treated her fairly; not so in the case of the Democrats and Kavanaugh.

I was a Democrat for a greater part of my 92 years, but now I am undeclared. I didn’t leave the party — it left me. The circus I witnessed on TV and in the Globe’s Opinion section and the liberal mob hysteria convinced me that I made the right choice.

Robert Lovezzola


Senator is credulous to a fault

Why wasn’t more attention directed at Susan Collins’s most outrageous statement — that the extended FBI review was “thorough”? Really? And then she had the gall to say there were no corroborating witnesses to the alleged attack on Christine Blasey Ford — when the interview list not only was severely restricted but left off the main subjects, accuser and accused? And this, after the consensus was that Judge Brett Kavanaugh evaded answers before the Senate committee but would not be able to do so if he were interviewed by the FBI? Thorough? Really, Senator Collins?

Bettina A. Norton


Trump’s supporters bask in victory

I laughed out loud while reading the Globe’s editorial “Susan Collins goes all in for Kavanaugh — and for Trump,” where, at the end, it talks about “polarization and partisanship” and says that “the time to make a stand and stop its spread is now.”

Really, this from the same paper that gave us an apocalyptic vision of America if Trump won, with its fake front page before the election? Physician, heal thyself!


I will admit to one thing the president was wrong about. Before the election, he had said, “There will be so much winning, you will be sick of winning.” No Mr. President, it still feels great.

Jay Caggiano