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    Liberals need to do their part to make America great again

    It’s not news that 49 percent of the public think Donald Trump is a racist (“Trump’s joy ride on a third rail,” Page A1, July 9). The real news would be in seeing what the other 51 percent define as racist. In conversations I’ve had with some of these people (I no longer live in the 617 area code, and I actually get to interact with Trump voters), it’s not what many of us think. They do not consider themselves racist, and they take umbrage at the characterization. They see some of the guidelines by which the academy and the pundits define racism as too broad, too obscure, or infringements upon free speech. I don’t believe that liberals can make this country great again without taking these people’s feelings into account and at least making an honest effort to understand them without prejudice.

    Harry Hussey

    Copake, N.Y.