Trump, McCain, and the war of words

Feud between Trump, McCain has gone way too far

Between Senator John McCain not wanting Donald Trump to attend his funeral and the virulent response, by a member of Trump’s inner sanctum, to McCain’s opposition to the president’s CIA pick, the feud has reached alarming proportions. Even if it was not Trump who made the disparaging remark about McCain — that “he’s dying anyway” — if I were president, I would apologize profusely and fire the individual responsible.

Certainly there is a line to be drawn between criticism and totally inappropriate attacks. That line has not only been crossed; it has been demolished. Even a personal vendetta does not excuse the attack on a dying man who sacrificed much for his country.

While McCain may have been a maverick and sometimes controversial, we all know that his views were that of a patriot concerned about the future of our nation. Honor those to whom honor is due.

Nelson Marans

New York

Words of lasting notoriety


This is an open letter to White House communications aide Kelly Sadler, of “he’s dying anyway” infamy: John McCain’s place in history as an honorable servant of the United States will long outlive him. Your notoriety will undoubtedly, and deservedly, outlive you.

Mark Rodehaver