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    When members of the Mass. GOP looked the other way on Scott Lively

    As a Catholic and a former Republican (now unenrolled), I am horrified by the 28 percent who actually chose to put Scott Lively on the GOP primary ballot (“A bigot gets a warm hug from the Mass. GOP,” Editorial, May 7). Read his comments about homosexuals being responsible for Nazism and other worldly scourges; check out his decidedly un-Christian stance of hating the sin and the sinner.

    Are these the same people who were more than willing to look the other way when their (then) presidential candidate talked about how to treat women? When his vice president rails against the LGBTQ community? What is “Christian” about that level of hate and intolerance? Jesus preached tolerance and compassion . . . remember Mary Magdalene?

    Charlie Baker is going to pummel Scott Lively . . . thank the Lord!

    Sue Hoy