Before linking Blue, Red lines, extend the T to Lynn

Adam Vaccaro’s article “T to study linking the Red, Blue lines” (Metro, April 4), about a plan to extend the Blue Line to connect to Charles/MGH Station, makes me think of another longtime negligence by the T: namely, the extension of the Blue Line to Lynn. The Blue Line terminus at Wonderland in Revere is one city away from Lynn, yet some of us here need to take multiple buses to get to the Blue Line. An Amazon North American headquarters at Suffolk Downs would be much closer geographically to the residents of Lynn than to those of Quincy, Braintree, Cambridge, and Somerville, who are served by the Red Line. An Amazon facility at Suffolk Downs also would be of far greater economic benefit to Lynn than to these other cities.

Rather than the cost of digging a new subway tunnel to extend the Blue Line to the Red Line, it seems a northern extension to Lynn would be a much wiser choice for the T and for Amazon and would provide the Lynn area with more needed job opportunities.

Alfred Sarno Jr.