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    Trump’s comments can’t be what Emma Lazarus meant by ‘wretched refuse’

    As Haiti marks earthquake anniversary, Trump hurls the most debasing insult

    On the eve of the eighth anniversary of the worst disaster that has ever befallen the Haitian nation, the president of the United States of America chose to hurl the most debasing insult at Haiti, all Haitians, and Haitian-Americans (“Trump’s crude reference to other nations ignites a furor,” Page A2, Jan. 12). In describing Haiti as a “shithole” country, as President Trump is reported to have done, to emphasize why Haitians should not be allowed into the United States, the president essentially defecated on the graves of 300,000 human beings who happen to be black. This he does at a time when the whole of Haiti is grieving in remembrance. By contrast, he apparently would offer his sympathies and welcome mats to the white, blue-eyed citizens of Norway.

    Now the world can only conclude that the Trump administration’s decision to rescind temporary protected status granted to Haitians following the 2010 earthquake was based on unjustified hatred for people of color.

    This aversion to black people was recently on display when Trump reportedly said Haitians “all have AIDS,” in spite of how ridiculous this statement sounded, in a December interview.


    In the face of this blatant racism and discrimination, one tends to be angry, but we are sad. Today is a sad day for all Americans, regardless of color or national origin. Trump’s statement is simply a national disgrace.

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    As Haitian-Americans, our message to the president is simple. We are a resilient people. Our history is a history of struggle against all manner of oppression and persecutions. It is a history that is closer to that of the United States than Trump will ever know. It is one of contribution to the cause of freedom and justice everywhere. We are not going anywhere. As Haitian-American lawyers, we will fight for justice and will be the ones who truly help “make America great again.”

    Kerby Roberson


    Haitian American Bar Association


    Trump can choose his words — sad fact is he is representing our country

    Perhaps like many others, I was angered and embarrassed by Donald Trump’s reportedly vulgar characterization of Haiti and other countries. What Trump and his defenders fail to grasp is that he has a choice in how he expresses himself, in this and many other instances. Seeing destitution, he can use words that show some compassion and tap into our common humanity, regardless of the policy direction he ultimately takes. Or, he can take the path that demeans others but ultimately robs himself of dignity.

    Unfortunately, as president he also represents our country, and I am growing increasingly disgusted with his degradation of our public discourse and reputation.

    Bluster and imprudent candor are not strength, nor are they signs of intelligence. They betray a sad, contemptible weakness one does not want to see in our leader.

    Norm Blanchard


    President’s comments underscore our need to view immigration differently


    There is another side to President Trump’s recent raw remarks on the current immigration situation.

    We are now in the post-industrial age. In contrast to the situation in the late 1890s, our need is for people with new competence, not for manual labor that is basically provided by immigrants. Thus, our focus should be on retraining our domestic labor force. Vetting potential immigrants based on their level of competence is therefore a must.

    Also, if the situation Trump describes is not so deplorable, why are people seeking to emigrate in droves from what we ourselves have been calling the Third World?

    Edward McGowan


    How long can GOP stand this? We can’t stand for it

    Is anyone out there proud to be a Republican after this past year? They all have no shame and all seem to agree with their leader.

    Please, please, Americans, OBJECT, RESIST, PROTEST. Now.

    Davi-Ellen Chabner

    Newton Centre



    France just called. They want their statue back.

    Peter Soltz