The financial crisis: Calamity averted, but challenges remain

Better economic opportunities for modest and middle-class earners should be a primary goal for both parties.


Un año después de María: Puerto Rico necesita voto final sobre la estadidad

Durante los pasados 364 días, se ha vuelto más claro que nunca que el territorio estadounidense de 3.3 millones de residentes no tiene la mano libre que un país independiente tendría para reconstruirse – ni tampoco la influencia en Washington que conlleva la estadidad.


¿Son $10 millones de dólares suficientes para compensar al Merrimack Valley?

La cantidad correcta será lo que sea que se necesite para restituir los vecindarios afectados y para que las víctimas puedan rehacer sus vidas.


Is $10 million enough compensation for Merrimack Valley disaster?

Columbia Gas is making a sizeable donation to help people whose homes have been destroyed or lives disrupted. But it’s also fair to ask: Is that it?


One year after Maria: Puerto Rico needs final vote on statehood

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria exposed the cracks and contradictions in the island’s untenable political status.


Senate panel must fully investigate accuser’s claims

A he-said/she-said isn’t enough. The FBI should investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Pass the Airbnb tax already

Beacon Hill should agree to fixes Governor Charlie Baker sent back.


After the fires, who will pay for damage?

State and local officials need to be aggressive in using powers to enact safety measures, and if need be, legal action against Columbia Gas to pay for rebuilding neighborhoods.


Mass. delegation must step up for Wampanoag tribe

Denial of reservation status is not only justice denied — it’s also opportunity denied.


Give Laura Perille a chance to prove herself

The opposition to Laura Perille is premature. But the system’s superintendent search needs clearer focus and commitment.


The long-term merits of Rachael Rollins’s plan for petty crimes

Democratic nominee for Suffolk County district attorney Rachael Rollins has a plan to reform prosecution of petty crimes.


After the murders of two police officers, a smart legal reform

Revamping dangerousness hearings could make it more likely that those with long and violent criminal histories will be denied bail.


Senator Collins: Oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination

A person of questionable ethics shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.


Probe of St. John’s Seminary needs independence

The investigation of sexual harassment and other abuse needs the clarity of an outside investigation.


Charlie Baker: Four years later

Four years after endorsing Baker, the editorial board reflects on how 2014 priorities can inform the 2018 election.


Blame for late school buses goes round and round

In the absence of effective mayoral leadership, the city council or the school committee may need to flex their muscles.


Let’s talk about the 25th Amendment

Cabinet members shouldn’t be applauded for resorting to extralegal measures in response to Trump’s erratic behavior when the Constitution provides a legal recourse.


Boston City Council, now a hot ticket

Ayanna Pressley has revived a dormant tradition of city councilors using the office as a launch pad for higher office.


Ranked-choice voting to the rescue?

Ranked-choice voting is an electoral reform that would revitalize democracy in Massachusetts.


With Pressley’s win, a political earthquake in Massachusetts politics

Ayanna Pressley’s historic win carries an unmistakable message: Massachusetts politics is changing. Candidates aren’t willing to wait their turn anymore. The power of incumbency is weakening.


Voters, have your say on primary day

Today is your day, Massachusetts voters.


Labor Day 2038: Will you have a job or be replaced by a robot?

Workers have a lot to celebrate this Labor Day, but these victories may seem quaint.

A guide to the Editorial Board endorsements

Recapping the Editorial Board’s endorsements for the 2018 Massachusetts primary election.


Time’s up on Pope Francis and Catholic Church leaders being able to handle clergy abuse crisis

Outside law enforcement needs to clean up the sexual abuse scandal that the church can’t.

Editorial Board Endorsement

Endorsement: Stephen Lynch, and his independent streak, deserve another term

The Globe editorial board endorses Stephen Lynch in the Eighth Congressional District primary.