4 lessons from the Mass. marijuana law roll-out

More than two years after Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the first two stores are finally set to open. What could the state done differently to get here?


Thank you, Seth Moulton, for shaking things up and rubbing people the wrong way

Moulton deserves credit, not damnation, for making Nancy Pelosi press her case to remain House speaker.

Dan Wasserman

Looking for the Courage to Oppose Pelosi

Will the never-Nancys take the House speakership? That depends on if they can make a move.


Mass. should mandate federal safety board recommendations and end gas moratorium

The state needs to act on recommendations from the NTSB as well as end the moratoriums on new gas hookups.


Ranked-choice voting passes the test in Maine

In Maine, ranked-choice voting has just demonstrated its promise.


A bicycle safety measure that should be law

One of the most crucial fixes for bicycle safety is a device for trucks that should be mandatory.


In every job, Massport’s Tom Glynn always saw the big picture

Glynn, who leaves his post this week as head of Massport, has seemingly been everywhere.


Ending abuse of the disabled

When it comes to protections for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Massachusetts still has a long way to go.


School closings are a necessary part of the rebuilding process at Boston Public Schools

Each and every Boston student should go to school in a building that’s safe, comfortable, and compatible with learning. Getting there is the problem.


The UK should vote again on Brexit

A growing chorus sees the wisdom of a popular vote on the details of a Brexit deal.

Renée Graham

For Trump, some votes are more equal than others

Trump and his minions cry voter fraud to distract from their real intention – voter suppression.


No Amazon headquarters, so what?

We can’t help but wonder if Jeff Bezos seriously considered Boston’s bid at all for a second corporate headquarters for Amazon.


After delaying bishop vote, can Vatican be trusted to right its own ship?

By forcing US bishops to delay a vote on reforms, the Vatican dashed any remaining illusions that it was capable of imposing accountability within on the sexual abuse crisis.


Laura Levis did not have to die. Here’s what needs to change.

The Globe magazine story underscored the need for changes to the emergency response system and accountability for Massachusetts hospitals.


To fight climate change, environmentalists say yes to nuclear power

The Union of Concerned Scientists, the venerable Cambridge environmental group, outlines a hard truth in a new report on the need for nuclear power plants.


Bishops meet to resolve sexual abuse crisis, but does self-policing work in the Catholic church?

As the US Conference of Catholic Bishops gathers in Baltimore on Monday, Cardinal Sean O’Malley will propose reforms, but do they go far enough?


Thoughts, prayers, and flags at half staff won’t stop the next angry gunman.

Only Congress can prevent another blood-soaked day in America.


Why is President Trump so afraid of a free press?

Between the firing of Jeff Sessions and revoking press credentials of a CNN reporter, Trump is behaving like an authoritarian ruler.


9 political lessons from the 2018 election

Throughout the 2018 campaign season, and in the results, some lessons emerged that voters — and politicians — would be wise to notice.


The midterms were a referendum on Trump — and he failed

In districts across the country, Democrats picked up seats by the dozen. In the coming days, they will need to figure out how to use their new House majority.


In his second term, Baker needs to spend his political capital

It’s time for the governor to spend some of his stockpiled political capital on key issues facing the state.


These companies give workers paid time off on Election Day so they can vote

A growing group of employers — including Patagonia and Walmart — are giving workers paid time off to vote on Election Day.


Mayor Walsh errs in hiring Carlos Henriquez for city job

“Second chances” is the term being tossed around. But this smacks of political favoritism.

Editorial Board Endorsement

Time for a change in Maine’s Second District: Jared Golden for Congress

It’s time for Maine to replace Representative Bruce Poliquin, the lone Republican left in the New England Congressional delegation.

Editorial Board Endorsement

Chris Pappas for New Hampshire’s First District

The congressional candidate embodies core Democratic values, tempered by civil discourse.