Make sure to read the fine print on the GOP’s dubious tax reform plans

The bloom is coming off the tax reform rose, and even Republicans are starting to see it.


Mayor or state rep — Heroux should do one job or the other, not both

It is not illegal in Massachusetts to serve dual office-holding roles. But just because lawmakers can, doesn’t mean they should.


Conspiracies for dunces

Thanks, Louie Gohmert: Conspiratorial paranoia now affects government’s functioning.


The place to stop Roy Moore? The ballot box

If Moore wins, the GOP is reportedly considering a nuclear option: blocking Moore from taking the seat.


Trump’s unlimited nuclear power poses security risk

It’s urgent that Congress tighten the rules governing the use of nuclear weapons.


EPA, and not the state, should regulate water pollution

Turning over oversight of river pollution to the state brings polluters one step closer to their regulators, and that would be a mistake.


Beacon Hill needs to draw clear lines on sexual harassment

Rules alone won’t change an ingrained culture, but rules can put everyone on the same page when it comes to understanding the consequences.


Break the taboo around testicular cancer

The death of Red Sox prospect Daniel Flores is a grim reminder of the incidence of testicular cancer among young men.


Making it easier to register and vote

If it were easier to register to vote, more people would probably participate in local and state elections.


A glimmer of good news for the Democratic Party

A focus on health care and a stand against racist, culture-war hysteria might ultimately be part of a winning playbook for the Democrats in 2018 and beyond.


For Alex Cora, a hearty welcome back to Boston

The appointment of Alex Cora as manager of the Red Sox caps the team’s embrace of Latino talent on and off the field.


Air Force error exposes data gaps on guns

The Justice Department and the FBI should work with the military to bring data sharing policies into the 21st century.


Marty Walsh writes Boston’s next chapter

Mayor Martin J. Walsh earned his second term.


Make it stop: What we can do now about guns

Common-sense state-by-state reforms can save lives.


Too much pain, not enough gain in GOP tax plan

The proposal needs a major overhaul if it’s going to succeed.


Boston shouldn’t bubble-wrap Long Island

Whoever wins the mayoral race, the city needs to chart a future for the island.


Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Massachusetts can’t change the quantity of wintertime sunlight available to us. But it can switch time zones.


Donald Trump wants to sabotage health law. Here’s how to sabotage him.

One would never know it, but this week started the open enrollment period for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Concerned citizens can help.


A Mass. model for national criminal justice reform

The state Senate passed a sweeping criminal justice reform package last week that could be a national model. The state House would be wise to follow.


After Harvey Weinstein, culture-rattling consequences. But will that bring change?

Women who speak up about sexual harassment and sexual assault should be celebrated for their bravery, not scorned for their truth-telling.


Robert Mueller’s probe must continue unhindered

The indictment of two former aides to President Trump, and the guilty plea entered by a third, plunge the country into frightening new territory.


An overdue effort on Internet ads

As Americans have learned since the last election, Internet ads can race halfway around the world before truth-squadders are even aware of their presence.


Boston Fire Department slides backward on diversity

Mayor Walsh didn’t create the diversity problem in the fire department, but if reelected, he needs to place greater emphasis on solving it.


Jeff Sessions gets it only half-right on LGBT rights

As a senator, Sessions voted against extending hate-crime legislation to include sexual orientation and gender identity.


It’s Edwards, Kelley, and Janey in 3 Boston district City Council races

The Globe endorses Lydia Edwards, Mike Kelley, and Kim Janey in district city council races.