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‘We were told that he did not play a role’ in Khashoggi killing, Trump says of Saudi crown prince

The CIA has concluded that the crown prince ordered the brutal killing of Khashoggi, according to US officials.

Chinese city bans daytime dog walking in a crackdown on canines

A major city in China is cracking down on pet dogs after a publicized fight between a dog owner and a bystander.

UK leader fights back against critics, defends Brexit deal

Theresa May told her Conservative opponents that their alternative plans for Britain’s departure from the European Union wouldn’t work.

‘Tell everyone we scalped you!’ How caste still rules in India

In many places, especially in poorer rural areas, caste infrastructure is still powerful. And those who rebel against it are often greeted with unchecked brutality.

US-led airstrikes kill 40 in Islamic State area of Syria, report says

The coalition confirmed strikes in the area but said no ‘‘civilian casualties are associated’’ with them, reiterating that it takes measures to avoid noncombatant casualties.

It is no simple process to keep a 737 in the air

Investigators and experts are uncertain why Lion Air Flight 610 plummeted into the Java Sea last month, killing all 189 people on board. But they are focusing on an automatic system designed to keep the plane, a Boeing 737 Max 8, from going into a “stall” condition.

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//[1].jpg A bicycle safety measure that should be law

One of the most crucial fixes for bicycle safety is a device for trucks that should be mandatory.

Antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes


// A rampant prescription, a hidden peril

Federal data obtained by the Globe show many nursing homes make heavy use of antipsychotic drugs to pacify residents.

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