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Mass die-off of Antarctic penguin chicks alarms researchers

Almost all the chicks from an Adelie penguin colony in the eastern Antarctic was wiped out by starvation last summer

Philippine troops kill last leaders of terrorist siege

The last two surviving leaders of a deadly takeover in the southern Philippines were killed Monday.

Somalia truck bombing toll passes 300

Nearly 70 people remained missing, as families continued to bury victims in the Horn of Africa nation.

US military to begin drills to evacuate Americans from South Korea

The US military announced the plan as the two allies began a joint naval exercise amid heightened tensions with North Korea.

Ophelia lashes Ireland, killing at least 3 people

The former hurricane visited destruction on an island with little experience of such powerful storms.

Iraqi forces sweep into Kirkuk, blocking Kurdish independence drive

After weeks of threats and posturing, the Iraqi government began a military assault to blunt the independence movement.

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// Even after Equifax and Wells Fargo, Republicans are still siding with big financial institutions

Bank lobbyists hate this new rule, and they’re pushing Congress hard to reverse it.

Antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes


// A rampant prescription, a hidden peril

Federal data obtained by the Globe show many nursing homes make heavy use of antipsychotic drugs to pacify residents.

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